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New offering: Loved Ones DBT Workshops

Are you currently learning DBT or have you in the past?  If so, you may have had the thought "I wish my partner knew some of this stuff" or "it would be so much easier if we (ie - parent, friend, spouse, etc.) were speaking the same language".  One of the first things that happens [...]

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The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

How often do you compare yourself to others?  How much do you truly know about the person you are comparing yourself to?   Comparison can actually be a helpful skill and, in fact, it's one we teach in DBT.  Before I talk about the benefits of comparison, let's talk about the pitfalls.  Looking on to another person and/or [...]

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“A real sign of progress is when we no longer punish ourselves for our imperfections” - Yung Pueblo Imperfection is a part of the human condition.  In some cultures, a damaged or broken item is viewed as more precious than it was in its pristine form.  So, if this is the case, then why do [...]

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Thanksgiving Preparation…And, We’re Not Talkin’ About The Turkey!

The holidays tend to be filled with food, family, and inevitably some amount of emotional distress.  Here are some things for you to consider in preparation for your Thanksgiving: - What do you need to do to ensure your nutritional needs are met throughout the course of the entire day?  Some thoughtful planning around this [...]

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