Telehealth is the use of electronic methods of communication (video, phone, etc.) to support distance health care.  In other words, you don’t have to come to the office to get the services you need.  This is an excellent way to stay connected with your therapist/dietitian while staying in the comfort of your own home.  Given the current outbreak of Coronavirus, many healthcare providers, including those in our office, are offering these services.  Here are some suggestions to help facilitate smooth, meaningful, and effective telehealth sessions:

  • A good internet connection is essential if we are using a video platform. Exit out of any programs that take bandwidth.  Be aware if anyone else in your household is streaming video/music/games – this will impact our session.
  • Do a test run prior to your appointment to make sure that everything is working well.
  • Consider wearing earphones to help improve the audio portion of our session.
  • Make sure you’ve restarted your computer recently – you’d be surprised at how this simple action can alleviate tech issues.
  • If it seems to take too long to connect, send a text or email so that we can problem solve together.
  • If others will be nearby while you are in your session, ensure that you have adequate privacy – you do not want to be interrupted.
  • Turn off notifications on your computer and phone once we are connected.
  • Consider having tissues handy. If you were our office, we’d provide them for you!
  • You may be extra cozy because you are somewhere familiar to you and you may feel more casual because the work is online.  Remind yourself prior to the session that you are here to do the meaningful work of positive change.
  • Eye contact matters.  We encourage you to minimize the window where you see yourself so as not to be distracted by this.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We look forward to connecting!