Are you currently learning DBT or have you in the past?  If so, you may have had the thought “I wish my partner knew some of this stuff” or “it would be so much easier if we (ie – parent, friend, spouse, etc.) were speaking the same language”.  One of the first things that happens when learning DBT, is that we start to acquire a new vocabulary and a different way of looking at emotions, conflict, and how our minds work.  This in itself can be life-changing.  The next thing that happens is that we may hit roadblocks in the application of these skills simply because the people around us have not had similar training.  In an effort to address this, we have a new offering at Livity called the “Loved Ones DBT Workshops” that will be lead by Gwen Poggi, LMFT.  Gwen is an expert in DBT and family therapy, and her enthusiasm for helping people is profound!

Here are some things to know:

– If you have a loved one who has some DBT skills training, this is for you!

– These workshops will parallel the skills taught in the 28 week DBT skills training that takes place at Livity.

– The workshops will take place on select Saturdays and dates will be posted on instagram (@livity_treatment) and the “Services” page of the Livity website.

– Each workshop is four hours from 10am-2pm.

– The cost is $160 per person for each four hour training.

– All materials, as well as coffee and light refreshments will be provided.

– DBT trains in four areas: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.  There is a workshop for each of these skill sets.

– If you are interested in learning more or if you’d like to reserve your space, reach out to Gwen Poggi, LMFT at

The first Loved Ones DBT Workshop will be on Saturday April 4th, 2020 from 10am-2pm (*please note that this has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus – stay tuned for rescheduling details).  The focus of this training will be Distress Tolerance Skills.

Let us know if you have any questions – we’d be happy to answer them!

Much love,