Taking time for oneself is such a critical part of overall well-being.  And, for many of us, it falls to the back burner for many reasons; not enough time, tending to the needs of others, core beliefs that it is selfish or that you don’t deserve care, judgment from others, etc.  Truth be told, the list of barriers is very long.

Another common pattern is that we don’t do self-care until we really need it.  For example, we start meditating again because panic attacks have re-emerged.  Or, perhaps, we start taking vitamins because we keep getting sick.  With this approach, we are taking reactive vs proactive stance.

I wonder how your overall quality of life and health would shift if self-care became more of a lifestyle?  If you automatically slipped into judgment about that concept, I’d encourage you to practice a non-judgmental stance, and get curious about this idea.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money nor does it have to be overly time consuming.  It does, however, require that you make it a priority and dedicate time to care for yourself.  Here are some self-care ideas:

  • Turn off your phone and step away from technology for an hour
  • Observe your limits and say “no” before you are over-extended
  • Prepare a nutritious and homemade meal
  • Go outside – walk barefoot in the grass, have a picnic, observe nature
  • Go explore someplace new
  • Pick up a book about something you’ve always been interested in
  • Set aside time for reflection and/or prayer
  • Schedule a service – acupuncture, energy work, massage, etc.
  • Learn something new

The list of ideas could be pages long.  If none of these suggestions above speak to you, don’t worry!  You can reflect on the question, “If I could take better care of myself on a regular basis, what would I be doing?”, or, you can always do a good ole Google search and find hundreds of ideas that people have come up with.  No matter what you decide, I hope it is in the best interest of you!

Much love,