I’ve been noticing something when it comes to the topic of self love and self respect; it seems many of us are not very good at it.  It’s almost as if others are deserving of this yet somehow we are not.  For example, when someone else makes a mistake we can offer warmth and forgiveness yet we can’t do the same for ourselves.  Or perhaps we encourage others to set boundaries to take care of themselves yet we won’t set and respect our own.  Why is this?  Why the double standard?

I wonder what it would be like if we were to take a different approach.  If we were to offer ourselves warmth, compassion, and kindness – this is love.  If we were to allow ourselves to be human and honor our needs and limitations – this is respect.  Some may worry that this makes you weak, complacent, or selfish.  I would challenge that perspective and encourage you to look at it like this – when we can love and respect ourselves we free up energy to dedicate to our personal growth which ends up being a catalyst for change and true healing.

This type of love and respect for oneself can come in so many different forms and I invite you to explore what this could look like in your daily life.