Emotional Validation – Why Is It So Hard?

Over the past week we've talked a lot about emotional validation.  Throughout these conversations there have been numerous questions and struggles in both understanding and practicing this important skill. I've also noticed that we try [...]

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Love And Respect For Self

I've been noticing something when it comes to the topic of self love and self respect; it seems many of us are not very good at it.  It's almost as if others are deserving of [...]

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Thanksgiving Preparation…And, We’re Not Talkin’ About The Turkey!

The holidays tend to be filled with food, family, and inevitably some amount of emotional distress.  Here are some things for you to consider in preparation for your Thanksgiving: - What do you need to [...]

Why Recover?

The process of recovery is grueling at times.  It is painful and requires consistent work.  Because of this, it begs the question of “Why?”.  “Why put in all of the work?”.  “Why commit time and [...]

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Weekend Reflections

Goodness!  There is always more to learn.  We’ve just spent a weekend away continuing our education about the process of healing in recovery.  Here are some important elements that we found to be powerful from [...]

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Back To School

School is starting and anxiety is high.  Where are my classes?  What are other people going to think of me?  Am I going to be successful?  The list of worries goes on...and on... Our mind [...]

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