The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

How often do you compare yourself to others?  How much do you truly know about the person you are comparing yourself to?   Comparison can actually be a helpful skill and, in fact, it's one we teach in [...]

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New Years Resolution: Lead with Acceptance

As we embrace a new year there's often a focus on resolutions, goals, and change; all of which have purpose.  The concept often neglected during this time of year is that of acceptance.  Sometimes we [...]

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The Unexpected Challenges of Gratitude

As we approach the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday there is an increasing focus on the concept of gratitude. Gratitude, which rhymes with "attitude," comes from the Latin word gratus, which means "thankful, pleasing." If you struggle [...]

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Blaming and Finger Pointing

When conflict happens, it is natural to want to point the finger at the other party emphasizing what “they” need to change. Perhaps blaming is a defense mechanism or simply an easy way out. No [...]

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“A real sign of progress is when we no longer punish ourselves for our imperfections” - Yung Pueblo Imperfection is a part of the human condition.  In some cultures, a damaged or broken item is [...]

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I Want To Know…

How do you want to live your life?  What a powerful question and one that is likely very challenging to answer.  Consider this poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer called “The Invitation”. I remember reading this [...]

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