Goodness!  There is always more to learn.  We’ve just spent a weekend away continuing our education about the process of healing in recovery.  Here are some important elements that we found to be powerful from our weekend:

  • The importance of play. How often do you laugh or give yourself the freedom to simply let go and have fun?  There are lots of things that get in the way of each of us being able to do this.  Consider those barriers as well as the ways in which you can incorporate moments of play into your everyday life.
  • Value of connection – with self, others, and nature. This is such an important category and one with an abundance of depth.  Do you give yourself permission to connect with each of these areas?  When you do, what do you notice?  Do you judge the ocean with the same criticism that you do yourself?  Do you allow yourself to be seen and in turn create space to really see others?
  • Amazingness of the body’s ability to provide information and heal.  Our bodies are wired to provide information about pain, satisfaction, and everything in between.  Do you listen to what your body has to say?

We are hoping that these topics and questions get each of you thinking about these elements of your recovery.